Jordan Dobrowski.

G R A P H I C  D E S I G N E R

My passion for communicating through art led me into the Graphic Design industry. I love what I do because I get to use my creative skills for a concrete purpose. I attended college at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles, CA. There I graduated in June 2015 with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. Since then I have had two internships, Dailylook and Caruso Affiliated. I stayed at Caruso Affiliated for five months as an intern and left when I moved to the East Coast United States where I am originally from. In October, the marketing team that I worked with contacted me to continue working with them online by freelancing across the country, and I still work with them to this day. I hope to grow as a graphic designer through art collaboration with marketing departments at major companies and small businesses. Please contact me if you like my work, would like to work with me or have any questions.